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It’s rare that we find a client who whole-heartedly wants to remove a tree. Because of their unique blend of practicality, size, and beauty, trees are virtually irreplaceable landscape focal points. The unfortunate reality is there are a variety of reasons a tree might need to be removed.

Diminished Health 

The Sacramento area in particular can be a harsh environment for trees in the summer or winter seasons and a weakened tree is susceptible to disease.

Safety Concerns 

Another reason  a tree might need to be replaced  is due to safety concerns. A once beautiful and thriving tree can quickly become a liability if it outgrows the area or was improperly trained at a younger age.

Tree Transformation

Whether they are overgrown, diseased or even dead, when the time comes it is comforting to know that your tree can be reincarnated right in your own backyard and go on living in your family’s memory. 

In the event that a tree needs to be removed, we have a fully trained crew that safely handle the process, as well as provide unique solutions to reincarnate your tree. Whether it’s tables, benches or bar tops, Lawn & Order can make the transformation happen.  The pictures shown in this article are a perfect example. The project started as a redwood tree diagnosis that resulted in the removal of the tree. With a little creativity, our landscape designer was able to create a custom bar top capping a reclaimed redwood planter box.

The Planter Box was also a unique project. The customer had 50 year old decking from a past house that they could quite bring themselves to throw out because of the memories. We revitalized the wood and used it to make custom planters that lined the corners of the house and detached garage. The main planter is equipped with electrical, drip irrigation and LED lights making the area ideal for intimate, outdoor entertainment. All together, these unique features create a one-of-a-kind backyard that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

What if you don’t have an oversized redwood sitting around, but you are interested in our custom work? Give us a call and check out our inventory. We may have something that works perfect your yard.



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