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Custom Landscape Features

Lawn & Order Custom Backyard Features  It’s rare that we find a client who whole-heartedly wants to remove a tree. Because of their unique blend of practicality, size, and beauty, trees are virtually irreplaceable landscape focal points. The unfortunate reality is...

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Are your trees ready for El Niño?

Are your trees ready for El Niño?   rees are most susceptible to disease and breaking when there is a severe change in weather. The forecasted reports of a significant rain and wind season mark a...

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Drought Proofing Your Tree

Drought Proofing Your Tree California is now in a fourth consecutive year of drought and many counties have adopted a one or two day per week watering schedule. This will undoubtedly take a toll on our landscapes and trees. Trees in particular are considered the most...

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Cultivate Your Garden

5 Basics of Gardening If you’re reading this article then you are probably interested in having a beautiful and fruitful garden. We don’t always think of an ornamental garden being fruitful, but if you want a nice yard your plants need to be bearing fruit of some...

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California Drought

California Drought With California's Drought in full swing and no end in sight, it's more important now then ever, to do our part to conserve water. There are many ways to achieve this goal including changing shower heads and using High Efficiency (HE) toilets and...

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Winterscapes   With winter upon us the trees are shedding the last remains of their fall colors. There are still many ways to capture the beauty of our Northern California gardens by focusing on our winter landscape. Once you've removed fallen leaves and spent...

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